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Digital Gardener Lite is a five-Saturday long commuter camp offering an immersive digital literacy, digital creativity, and digital learning experience for select high school students in South Central Indiana.

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Digital Gardener Lite Details

Become a Digital Gardener

Welcome to the Idea Garden's Digital Gardener program! Starting the Spring Semester of 2021, the Idea Garden @ IUPUI kicked off this program to reward students for utilizing the space and showing aptitude for certain software and technology that IUPUI, and the Idea Garden itself, offers. 

Digital Gardeners are a group of students who are able to help shape the future of the Idea Garden itself. These students have the ability to suggest new technology that might make its way into the Idea Garden. A Digital Gardener is a student who shows perseverance, creativity, and fosters collaboration. The Idea Garden aims to grow these qualities within students by offering a wide range of technologies, backgrounds, and experiences.

Additionally, Digital Gardeners will have the opportunity to earn merchandise and rewards made specifically for the program. Currently, the Idea Garden is producing Digital Gardener t-shirts, which are exclusive by year they are produced in that they will never be run to print again. Alongside t-shirts, we plan to make hats and keychains, as well as other products if suggested enough by Digital Gardeners.

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Become a Digital Gardener

What Can I Earn?

Through the Digital Gardeners program, you will be able to earn a variety of rewards and privileges. Note: some rewards will be made exclusive to set semesters or years. 

Rewards for the Spring 2021 semester are:

  • Enhance your resumé with this leadership opportunity
  • Build your social media brand by becoming a digital ambassador for your campus
  • Obtain badges to enhance your LinkedIn and other professional portfolios
  • Increase your digital literacy skills for increased professional marketability
  • Gain opportunities for internships with technology partners
  • Win Adobe-sponsored merchandise
  • Receive privilege to suggest new technology to bring to the Idea Garden
  • Earn exclusive Digital Gardener T-Shirts. Our 2021 design is made by our very own Amanda Papandreou!
Idea Garden Digital Gardener 2021 T-Shirt

How Can I Join?

To join the Digital Gardener program, you'll need to fill out our online registration form. Click the button below to access it, and you will officially become a Digital Gardener! 

Digital Gardener Registration Form

How Can I Earn Rewards?

Earning rewards as a Digital Gardener is simple! Rewards are attained through redeeming points; points are gained through a variety of options offered within the Idea Garden. 

Here are the ways in which a Digital Gardener can earn points in Spring Semester 2021:

  • 10 points per hour spent in the Idea Garden


3D Printing

  • 100 points for completing training in 3D Printing
  • Visit the Idea Garden to learn the basics of 3D printing!

Virtual Reality

  • 100 points for passing the test in Virtual Reality Equipment
  • Visit the Idea Garden to take the short test!

IQ Wall

  • 100 points for passing the test on the IQ Wall
  • Visit the Idea Garden to take the short test!

Adobe Assessments

  • 100 points for passing any three tests on Adobe Programs
  • Visit the Idea Garden to take the short test!

Smart Board Proficiency

  • 100 points for showing proficiency on both the Google Jamboard and the Samsung Flip
  • Visit the Idea Garden to take the short test!

Attend Events

  • 100 points for attending any 3 Idea Garden events OR taking part in a competition*
  • Events will be marked as being eligible for points.
*Competitions include any IU sponsored contests, the Idea Garden Content Creation Contest, or any Adobe Jam.

Near the end of the semester, any points earned by newly joined members of the Digital Gardener Program will roll over into the next year's point total. 

Students will have until the last day of classes to gain the required number of points.

Students will be responsible for recording their tasks and keeping track of the times when they enter and exit by inputting that data into a spreadsheet that will be available on an Idea Garden owned iPad. Any incomplete entries will be disregarded and will not count towards the points goal. All you’ll need to input is your IU username, the time you enter the Idea Garden, the time you leave, and if you’ve completed any of the other point allotments. You can only earn points for being in the space OR points for completing a higher point task. E.G.: If you come in to learn about 3D Printing, you will not also earn points for time spent in the space. If you are in the Idea Garden for a time longer than needed for just completing a higher point task, the higher point task will be treated as having taken a time slot equal to one hour.

Points are able to be redeemed throughout the semester, as long as you have enough points collected, you can speak to an Idea Garden Staff Member about point redemption.

Our current prize, the Digital Gardener's T-Shirt can be redeemed for a total of 650 points collected through the Fall 2021 semester and the Spring 2022 semester.

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