Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: What is the Idea Garden?

A: The Idea Garden is a place for students to be creative, to explore, to collaborate. It's a thinker space, fully equipped to give students an organic experience with emerging technologies. It's where you connect with the community, learn from local tech leaders, and gain exposure to innovative ideas. The Idea Garden serves as fertile ground for student vision, cultivates thought and provides for growth, and produces entrepreneurial thinkers.


Q: Who can use the Idea Garden?

A: The Idea Garden is available to all students, regardless of major. We also welcome faculty and staff into the space.


Q: When is the Idea Garden open?

A: The Idea Garden is open from 10am - 7pm Monday through Thursday, and 10am - 2pm on Fridays. 


Q: What can I do in the Idea Garden?

A: The Idea Garden offers a wide variety of technology, tools, and areas to utilize for your educational uses, such as:

  • A general study space for students
  • 3D printers
  • HTC Vive VR headsets
  • Oculus Quest VR headsets
  • Four touch-screen tablets
  • IQ Wall/eight-panel touch screen monitor  
  • Two ideation/study rooms

Q: Can I 3D print at the Idea Garden?

A: Yes! The Idea Garden staff will teach you how exactly to 3D print. The staff can also assist you in learning how to model a simple object. However, the 3D printers may only be used for educational prints. If you’d like to request personal prints, our 3D print service is here!


Q: Do I have to reserve the VR equipment to use it?

A: Due to the current circumstances around COVID-19, we are asking all who would like to use the VR equipment to email us at igarden@iupui.edu in advance to reserve the VR equipment. This way, our staff is able to space out appointments to allow for proper cleaning of all equipment between uses.


Q: What software does the Idea Garden have?

A: Our complete software list can be found here!


Q: How does the IQ wall work?

A: The IQ wall works like using any other computer, with the added bonus of being a huge screen! With the IQ Wall, you can display presentations, explore the Internet, or share your laptop screen much easier for situations such as group work.


Q: What sort of collaborative technology is in the Idea Garden?

A: The Idea Garden offers several technologies that can be used to collaborate with others, such as:

  • Solstice
    • Screenshare software used in the Idea Garden. By downloading the app and following directions, you can share your laptop or phone screen to other devices.
  • Digital whiteboards
    • A quick and easy way to write up math problems or ideas. You can even e-mail yourself the screen afterwards to save and access your work!
  • Traditional whiteboards
    • Feel free to write questions or comments you have, and other students may have your answers! Markers and erasers are provided.

Q: Is the Idea Garden a quiet lab?

A: No. The Idea Garden is an active learning environment. While it does not get loud in the Idea Garden, we do not require silence.


Q: Can I bring food in the Idea Garden?

A: Yes, but only covered drinks and small snacks.


Q: Where is the Idea Garden located?

A: Hine Hall, IP106. The Idea Garden has a glass front entrance.

Q: Do I need a reservation to use the Idea Garden?

A: The Idea Garden itself, as well as the vast majority of our tech, is open under the COVID-19 restrictions across campus. 

All equipment operates on a first-come, first-serve basis. However, we do offer the option to reserve equipment in advance. If you would like to reserve the Idea Garden or any of our equipment, please email us at igarden@iupui.edu

Both our VR and ideation/study rooms require reservations for access.  

Q: How does social distancing work in the Idea Garden?

A: We ask that all students maintain social distancing as best they can while in the Idea Garden. In accordance with campus policy, we ask that students, staff, and faculty wear a mask at all times while in the space.

Additionally, we are limiting the amount of students able to use the ideation/study rooms to only one. While we understand that such spaces are important for groups to work together, keeping everyone safe against COVID-19 comes first.


Open Monday - Thursday



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